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About the FCPIO

FCPIO is a federally recognized tax-exempt educational nonprofit corporation organized in 2007 to promote discussion among Florida's court public information officers (PIOs).. All Florida state court divisions were directed to appoint PIOs by then Chief Justice Charles T. Wells following a 2002 report on emergency preparedness issued by an advisory committee created after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. FCPIO meets regularly to discuss emerging developments in court and media relations with a special focus on Florida's uniquely broad public records and public meetings laws and court rules, and its continuous history of allowing broadcast coverage of court proceedings starting in 1979.

Purpose & History

Consistent with its status as a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation, FCPIO works on its own and with other nonprofit organizations and governmental bodies to advance the ongoing dialogue among courts, media, and the public. FCPIO is the direct outgrowth of a state court PIO educational conference held in 2005 at the Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee and funded by a grant from the Florida Bar Foundation. The 2005 conference was held in cooperation with the Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Courts and Media at the National Judicial College.


The mission of FCPIO is to promote professional education of Florida’s court public information officers, to encourage their professionalism, to promote and encourage the use of best practices and ethical behavior by its members, and to serve the communities in which their courts dispense justice.


President: Michelle Kennedy, 18th Judicial Circuit
President-Elect: Sara Miles, 20th Judicial Circuit
Secretary: Francine Walker, The Florida Bar
Treasurer: Tricia Knox, Florida Supreme Court
Past President: Eunice Sigler, 11th Judicial Circuit

Executive Director: Craig Waters, Florida Supreme Court