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About Court Communications in Florida

Since 2002, every court in Florida has had a designated PIO -- some have had PIOs since the 1990s -- to serve as the primary point of contact in emergencies. Go to our list of members.

In most courts, the person designated as PIO serves a different role in the court as well; often the marshal or trial court administrator may be the designated PIO but other court staff with a variety of important responsibilities apart from communication have been tapped to take on the task of managing the myriad demands of “public information officer.”

Since then, court communication has grown and the role of the court PIO has evolved. Florida’s PIOs do much more than serve as the media contact during hurricanes or high profile cases.

Whether serving full or part-time (most often with limited time and  resources), court PIOs across the state are involved in media and public relations, community outreach, educational programs, social media, court publications, internal communications and court events and more.

Court PIOs work hard to build strong relationships with the media, local governments and justice system partners, they support open lines of communication both internally and externally, and they promote efforts to make courts more understandable to the public.